WIE Female Researchers Lunch Meeting @MIRU2019

The lunch meeting is scheduled for female researchers, female engineers and female students

The lunch meeting is planned for providing female researchers, engineers and students in the field of intelligent media processing, an opportunity to interact with their peers. The objective is to support the technical and professional growth of the young students and researchers through mutual interaction and to deepen the interest in research and technological field.


Time & Place

【Time】July 31, 2019, Wednesday 12:00-14:00
【Place】Osaka International Convention Center (Same building as MIRU Venue) 1102 conference room

Target Participants

Female researcher, female engineer, female student in the field of intelligent media processing.
Male researchers and students who are enthusiastic about supporting female researchers are also welcome.


We will provide local foods in the lunch meeting. While taking lunch, participants will be engaged in free discussion regarding various experiences of female researchers in pursuing their respective careers. Through exchange of information among peers, we can expect opportunities for collaborative research projects and new projects, as well as opportunities for employment and future career. We have confirmed the following guests will give a lecture in this meeting.


【Lecture 1】
 Hiromi Tanaka
 College of Information Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University specially appointed professor

【Lecture 2】
 Haruhiko Okumura
 Toshiba Corporate Research & Development Center
 IEEE fellow
 "Ideal Female Researchers Expected by Corporations
   -From the experiment of raising Rieko Fukushima who won the Woman of The Year-"  


【Fee】Free (Supported by SenseTime Japan)
【Deadline】July 30, 2019, Tuesday 12:00
      Due to the limited space, we can only host 50 participants.
      The application will be closed after we reach the limit.

Organizers & Sponsorship

【Organizers】IEEE JC WIE, WIE関西支部,WIE名古屋支部,WIE仙台支部
【Sponsorship】SenseTime Group Ltd
【Host】(random order):Takako Hashimoto, Chiba University of Commerce takako[at]cuc.ac.jp
              Natsuko Noda, Shibaura Institute of Technology nnoda[at]shibaura-it.ac.jp
              Kyuko Yamori, Asahi University kyamori[at]alice.asahi-u.ac.jp
              Yongqing Sun, NTT Media Intelligence Laboratories yongqing.sun.fb[ab]hco.ntt.co.jp
              Jien Kato, Ritsumeikan University jien[at]fc.ritsumei.ac.jp

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